Trading Systems

We have built our trading systems from the ground up: starting at the IaaS up to the SaaS. By assembling our own cloud infrastructure, we are allowed great flexibility when it comes to constructing and scaling our trading systems. Using this cloud, we have numerous platforms that facilitate our trading systems and our own proprietary trading platform. 

Special Relationships

By securing relationships with key players in this industry, we have gained special access to proprietary products: dynamic algorithms, cutting-edge data analytics, real-time data feeds, and more. 

Brokerage & Exchange

We have invested heavily into acquiring our own Brokerage and ECN so we do not have to rely on others to execute our trades. By using our own products, we bypass the expensive spreads and commissions when using an Electronic Communications Network. Additionally, we avoid shady brokerage practices such as stop-loss hunting and slippage. 

Different Trading Packages


Conservative Detail

Target Return1% – 5% a Month
Drawdown5% – 10% Maximum
Trades Per MonthAbout 1000
Diversification7 Different Pairs
The conservative package is designed for individuals who are greatly concerned about capital preservation. We actively keep drawdown to a minimum.

Moderate Package Detail

Target Return5% – 10% a Month
Drawdown10% – 20%  Maximum
Trades Per MonthAbout 2000
Diversification15 Different Pairs
The Moderate package is designed for those still very concerned about capital preservation but are also interested in greater returns than with minimal drawdown. Drawdown in the Moderate package is still minimized, however to a lesser extent.

Risky Package Detail

Target Return20% – 50% a Month
Drawdown20% +
Trades Per MonthOver 3000
Diversification30 Different Pairs
The Aggressive package is for those who want to make as much money as possible. We still keep drawdown as low as possible, however we also focus on maximizing the number of trades, different strategies, and the currency pairs traded.

Conservative Detail

Target Return50% + a Month
The Experimental custom plan is only available to qualified clients that have successfully funded Aggressive accounts and have the necessary Technology and Trading Infrastucture in place to sustain high frequency hyper-diversified portfolios of cryptocurrency, exotic pairs, commodities, stocks and more. All on our unique OCX exchange with our latest dark poolliquidity.

Different Types of Clients

Our Stats

New Strategies Per Week
Trade Accuracy
Possible Portfolios

Key Features

Capital Trade is designed to combine the greatest technological advancements with trading.

Dynamic Algorithms

Algorithms can adapt, communicate, and correct strategies at a moments notice. The market is never the same–why should our algorithms be?

Proprietary Trading Platform

We have engineered our own trading platform to provide the flexibility that we need: integrating AI, neural networks, and more into algorithms.

Cloud Platform

By developing our own cloud platform, we have drastically reduced our overhead as well as gave ourselves the ability to scale our trading systems instantly. 

Client Interactivity

The client is always in control. Our trading systems give our clients the option to adjust their strategies. Control the times, days and currency pairs traded. 

Onshore & Offshore

Our unique corporate structure allows us to suit any clients’ needs. Whether your needs are here, in the U.S., or abroad, we can facilitate your needs. 

Data Analytics

We analyze all aspects of the market, ranging from equities, currencies, commodities, and bonds. Each of these plays an important role in determining the optimal trade. 

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