Individual Investors

High net-worth individuals looking to make their money work for them

Unique Proposition

Capital Trade caters to individuals looking to protect their assets as well as make consistent and predictable returns year over year. We provide 100% transparency, complete anonymity, and tailored investment strategies for each client’s unique needs. Unlike other funds, we allow the client to adjust their preferences on their own and our systems will automatically take those into account and make the necessary changes. No two investors portfolios are traded the same. 


Investor Benefits

With our unique and powerful web portal, you can see a wide array of powerful statistics to paint you a complete picture of your account. See statistics like return, drawdown, Sharpe Ratio, Z-Score, Jenson’s Alpha, Treynor Ratio, and more. Using the aforementioned web portal, you can control your account parameters. Have the ability to restrict specific currency pairs, times to trade, longs/shorts, and other variables. All our systems are fully automated. Every change you make from your end is immediately updated on our end. Our systems will automatically configure your account, generate the proper algorithms, and suggest the best decisions to make on your part.

tax advantages

We offer specialized tax savings plans to ensure that the money we make for you remains yours. Some different infrastructures include foundations, offshore entities, and more. 

asset protection

In order to truly protect your personal assets, you need to think outside of the box. We have a team of highly specialized lawyers that can offer the best protection for all your possessions. 

Tailored Solutions

Due to the different needs of all your clients, we provide multiple different strategies based on their unique risk tolerance and return needs. 

Dedicated Support Team

available 24/7